Check Facebook and Messenger activity without being detected.
  • See their uploaded display photos, uploaded photos, and videos.
  • Check contacts details like names and display pictures.
  • Read private and group Facebook messages.

Spy366 PRO makes it easy to track anyone’s Facebook without traces. You can do so remotely from your phone or PC  without having access to the target device. All you need is to install Spy366 PRO app on your phone or PC.

This tracking app works perfectly on target Android or iOS device.
After Installation of  the app, log in to the dashboard to get started with the Facebook monitoring. Look for the Facebook or the Messenger option in the selection menu on your left. This opens up the Facebook or Messenger windows, which contain details like incoming messages, contact information, outgoing messages, and timestamps.
You get an overview of what the person is doing on their Facebook account, including their private as well as group chat activity. You can also check their Contacts information and learn various details like email addresses, profile pictures, names, and so much more.
Every conversation has a timestamp attached to it, which allows you to find out when the conversation took place. Additionally, his app gives you access to Facebook media files. If they have uploaded photos or videos, you can download them to your device.
Facebook can tell you a lot about someones day to day activities. If they’re a child, you can find out if they’re in touch with the right people. If they’re an employer, you’ll know if they’re spending too much time chatting and too little time working. If they’re a partner, their Facebook activity can tell you if they’re being faithful to you or not.

Facebook Monitoring for Parents

Kids spend a great deal of time on social media like Facebook. But Facebook isn’t always a safe place. It attracts scammers, bullies, and sexual predators in droves. If your child is being targeted by such a person, you’ll need to do something about it. Monitoring their Facebook gives you the information you need to keep your children safe.

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