What Spy366 PRO can do


Track videos taken, received, and even deleted from the device.


You may search through saved contacts and flag dubious people.

GPS Location

Get the user's exact real-time position as well as a history of visited locations.

Call History

Track call logs for details like timestamps, call duration, and contact frequency.

Browsing History

View all websites viewed by your child or staff, and ban those that you believe are unsafe.


Access all phone applications and block any that you believe are dangerous to your child.

Phone Calendar

Spy366 PRO will alert you when a new event is added to the calendar.

WiFi Logs

With the date, time, and address stamps, you can track which Wi-Fi networks a monitored device connects to.

E-Mail & Text Messages

View sent and received text messages and incoming/outgoing emails.

File Manager

Spy366 PRO allows you to navigate the file explorer and view all downloaded and received files.

Social Medias

Read messages sent and received via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.


Track all pictures and images taken and received. Recover even deleted photos and images.

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